Meet the Choreographer Exploring His Refugee Experience Through Art

Together with Western Union and the Western Union Foundation, we are sharing real stories of refugees to help breakdown the misconceptions that surround them. We’re all humans and neighbours, no matter our background. Dam Van Huynh is an award-winning dancer and choreographer with his own company in East London. His contemporary dance projects and movement operas have toured the planet, and he now teaches workshops to budding dancers. He’s lived in Britain for almost two decades.

Dance, like life, is fleeting from moment to moment

All my works begin with the artist and my self within the space. I believe a work already exists within a space between the collaborators. My job is to pull everything out into the open, then remove the elements that don't belong. Whatever is left, regardless of whether I feel it is good or not, must be the honest reveal of where each collaborating artist is in their lives.

Featured choreographer for Dance United

I think for me, the idea of being a choreographer always started with a question – a why has she/he done that? I never had the notion in my head that as a dancer I would end up as a choreographer, it just happened through working with many different choreographers. I always questioned why and how choreographers worked and then one day, the questions of why and how overshadowed the activity and I decided to take some time to explore the answers.

Dam Van Huynh: Moving into choreography

The choreographer Dam Van Huynh is an Associate Artist for Dance United and recently returned from a two-year residency at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Here the dancer-turned-teacher-turned-choreographer talks about how to set up your own company and why being a director is a little like being a therapist...

Sensing Bodies

Dam Van Huynh's choreographic language speaks of a clear physical elegance. Yet underlying this focused physicality is an energy that is powerful, sometimes bordering on frenetic. [Black Square], the work that he will be featuring at this year's M1 Fringe Festival, displays these urgent characteristics.

Questions and Answers

When I was 14 my best friend had enrolled in a dancing course. And whenever he was taking classes, which were generally most of the day on Saturdays, I was short a best friend. He convinced me to join his classes and with very little interest in dance itself, I decided to join mainly because I did not wish to be bored by myself on Saturdays. Fortunately, my very first dance teacher was so encouraging and inspiring, I took to dance immediately. I have been dancing ever since.

Sweet Tooth On Tour

Sweet Tooth On Tour

SWEET TOOTH marks the culmination of five years’ research by vocalist Elaine Mitchener into our love of sugar and the historical links between the UK sugar industry and the Transatlantic ...

Metamorphosis Method Workshop

Metamorphosis Method Workshop

Van Huynh Company invites Iratxe Ansa and Igor Bacovich to deliver a week long Dance Intensive at Centre 151.

Iratxe and Igor bring their internationally renown Metamorphosis Method, a physical and dynamically challenging movement exploration practice.

Metamorphosis is a process of transformation and growth. It is a process of maturing, whereby dancers become artists. This method leads dancers on a path that calls for disciplined, focused and intelligent hard work. It encourages creativity through guided exploration – a nurtured and trusted environment where artistic knowledge is transferred and explored.

Iratxe Ansa is a former dancer with Nederlands Dans Theater, Compañia Nacional de Danza, Lyon Opera Ballet, Ballet Basel, Ballet Gulbenkian.

Igor Bacovich is a former dancer with Bruno Listopad, Krisztina de Chatel, Nanine Linning.

More info and registration: www.centre151.com

Metamorphosis Method Workshop

Introducing Dance Bridges Festival

Introducing Dance Bridges Festival

We are delighted to introduce the second edition of Dance Bridges Festival. In 2016, Dam Van Huynh was appointed Co-Director of Dance Bridges Festival alongside Festival Director Vanessa Maria Mirza, committing to further support this truly special project. Dance Bridges Festival is an international dance festival with an emphasis on building artistic and cultural exchanges between international and local dance artists, showcasing and promoting cutting-edge and exciting contemporary choreography through live performances and film screenings.

We are extremely proud to present this year's programme with 70 artists from 17 countries visiting Kolkata to present their work and lead workshops for local artists and audience members. Van Huynh Company will also lead the Choreographic Residency over two weeks with local and international dancers leading to a final presentation of the work in progress as part of a Site specific performance at Daga Nikunj. We will also present a Duet "Under This Weight" as well as some of our repertoire in collaboration with artists of the Festival (Crossover Project).

Please join us in Kolkata between 22-29 August to share some time with us in this unique city and discover some truly special artists.

Introducing Dance Bridges Festival

Beijing / Canterbury Cross-Cultural Project

Beijing / Canterbury Cross-Cultural Project

In collaboration with Canterbury Christ Church University and Beijing Normal University, Van Huynh Company has launched a cross-cultural project involving students from both dance academies. The final presentation of this ...