We are delighted to announce our new joint venture with Centre 151 as Dam Van Huynh becomes Artistic Director of the Centre.

Centre 151 – Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia supporting the community, based in the heart of Hackney, is a Community centre for Culture and Arts. On Saturday 2 July, the Centre opens its doors for 12 hours of fun activities for all to celebrate a new exciting chapter in the history of the Centre.

Centre 151 is the outcome of a unique collaboration between the Community Centre for Refugees from Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia – VLC Centre and Van Huynh Company, a vibrant, cutting edge contemporary dance company with a growing national and international reputation.

Centre 151 is committed to maintaining the high-quality services successfully delivered for the community over the past 30 years whilst becoming a hub for culture and arts. In the coming years, Centre 151 aims to develop an innovative model of culture, arts and community integration, opening new perpectives in terms of long term sustainability for charity organisations.

Come, take part and celebrate with us: Performances, dance classes (African, hip hop, contemporary), delicious Vietnamese food, music, yoga, Tai Chi, massage therapy, activities for kids, arts & crafts, ballroom dance and more.

Full programme of the day: www.centre151.com