Review: Re:birth at The Place

  • Review
  • To Do List, November 2023
  • by Stuart Wilson

“This is a performance which pushes at the boundaries of what dance can be, and there is a thrilling sense of danger in the way the cast (…) allow their bodies to twist and turn with abandon.”

Re:Birth-The Van Huynh Company

  • Review
  • Written With Love, November 2023
  • Khalia Willett- Francis

“it is simply theatrical anarchism in its most beautiful form.”

Dam Van Huynh on work Re:birth

  • Interview
  • Dance Art Journal, November 2023
  • by Qiao Lin Tan

“Everything about my existence – the fact that I’m speaking through the form of dance and making artwork – is all political because I come from a displacement due to political implications.”

Re:birth: Choreographer Dam Van Huynh speaks about finding hope in difficult times

  • Interview
  • Run Riot, October 2023
  • Grace Nicol

“I think the most important lesson I have learnt through the years is the notion of narrative and re-narrative. To be able to find and narrate my own path and story rather than let others define me, has helped me to liberate my creative thinking, giving me a wider scope of approaches towards making work that interests me (…)”

Dam Van Huynh – Interview

  • Interview
  • London Live, October 2023

Dam Van Huynh is interviewed on TV by London Live ahead of the London Premiere of Re:birth at The Place.