Originally from France, Laura (she/her) is a London based and international contemporary dancer and yoga teacher with a Flamenco and partner acrobatic background. Laura completed her Dance degree at Kingston University in 2014 and took an apprenticeship with Jasmin Vardimon in 2017.

Laura has performed in various works across the Uk including ‘In Between’ by Jasmin Vardimon, ‘You are you’ by Yunkyung Song, ‘Blazing Dust’ by Rebelo Company, ‘Bar Story’ by Etta Ermini Dance Theatre, ‘DEP’ Van Huynh Co, ‘Glam’ by EEDT and VHC, ‘I is someone else’ by The Company and ‘Sango’ by Sakoba Dance Theatre.

She choreographed for Saigon Dance Centre in Vietnam, ‘Kabaroc’ a Drag Cabaret in Valence, France and recently created her own work Womanewer, that focuses on sexual abuse and violence against women. Her teaching also took her to New Caledonia (Pazapa) and India for Dance Bridges festival, a residency and festival founded by Vanessa Maria Mirza.

Laura has traveled extensively to teach, perform and study different forms of dance at their source including Spain, Bali, New Zealand, Italy, San Francisco, New York, Montreal and San Diego.