Piece for 9 perfomers

Duration: 60min
Premiered on Thursday 14 February 2013 at Teatro de la Danza – Centro Cultural del Bosque – Mexico City

Commissioned by CEPRODAC
Artistic Director: Raúl Parrao

Choreography: Dam Van Huynh
Rehearsal Director: Edgar Pol
Music: Jamie Hamilton
Lighting Design: Xóchitl González
Photography: CEPRODAC INBA/México, Dirección Raúl Parrao / La Marmota Azul
Performed by CEPRODAC Dalel Bacre, Juan Madero, Kenya Murillo, Yuridia Ortega, Edith Pérez, Ricardo Rodríguez, Irasema Sánchez, Arturo Serrano, Raúl Tamez

Groovething is a look on cultural heritage, what makes us unique and what unites us. Celebrating freedom of speech and expression for a better understanding of our roots. The ultimate discovery hides in the unravelling of one’s origins. Exploring the past to better understand the present.


Jamie Hamilton – Composer

La Marmota Azul – Photographer