Dam Van Huynh, In Realness, Rich Mix

"The voice is a physical organ that sits somewhere between mind and body; Van Huynh choreographs for both with such force that Petrolo’s performance is exhausting and uplifting at the same time (...)"

Raw and fearless: Dam Van Huynh’s In Realness

"An exploration of resistance, queer sexuality, and gender politics performed with impressive range and energy by Tommaso Petrolo"

In Realness by Van Huynh Company | review

"A solo performed by Tommaso Petrolo and choreographed by Dam Van Huynh, a highly captivating, emotional and explicit work that challenges how we situate ourselves within(out) our society.”

Vietnamese choreographer Dam Van Huynh talks about his new work In Realness

"As a queer Vietnamese artist, I began the work commenting on gender politics and sexuality but as the work developed it became a larger symbol for inequality experienced by many other groups. I reflected further upon this with the understanding that gathering voices through the piece is to acknowledge the importance of strength in unity when faced with inequality."

I watched three days of nudity at the Edinburgh fringe – this is what I learned

"throughout Dep, I am on the edge of my seat.”

Edinburgh fringe dance: Dep – review

★★★★ "We, and the dancers, are forcefully confronted with our frailty, but also, ultimately, with our capacity for regeneration. Life goes on."


★★★★ “A raw and visceral production that transcends the need for verbal communication, ĐẸP looks behind closed doors and stands defiantly in its appreciation of human fragility.”

A terrible beauty: Dep by Dam Van Huynh

★★★★ "A powerful work with a terrible beauty all of its own."

Meet the Choreographer Exploring His Refugee Experience Through Art

Together with Western Union and the Western Union Foundation, we are sharing real stories of refugees to help breakdown the misconceptions that surround them. We’re all humans and neighbours, no matter our background. Dam Van Huynh is an award-winning dancer and choreographer with his own company in East London. His contemporary dance projects and movement operas have toured the planet, and he now teaches workshops to budding dancers. He’s lived in Britain for almost two decades.

Dance, like life, is fleeting from moment to moment

All my works begin with the artist and my self within the space. I believe a work already exists within a space between the collaborators. My job is to pull everything out into the open, then remove the elements that don't belong. Whatever is left, regardless of whether I feel it is good or not, must be the honest reveal of where each collaborating artist is in their lives.