Van Huynh Company (UK) together with MORUA (Vietnam) were awarded a British Council Connections Through Culture (CTC) grant to develop a new collaborative project between January-June 2021. We delivered a final presentation of our research online on Saturday 19 June 2021. You will find below in our blog posts further insight into our research process.



The creative process is often messy and wacky. We wish to share this process on this blog and hope this will allow audiences to get some insight on how we decided to conduct this research.
The pandemic having forced us to work remotely, it has led to a different approach to research. Both the Vietnam and UK Team are working on the ground, collecting materials and trying out ideas. The material collected is then shared between the teams and discussed during our regular online meetings.
This process is both exciting and frustrating. It is exciting because we are so happy to be able to share knowledge and research together. It is frustrating because at times we really just would like to be able to be together in the same space in order to physically try our ideas.
The material you will find below is the result of some initial ideas around: collecting everyday sounds, playing with sounds and restriction, exploring materials and how the body impacts on them and vice versa.
New material found by our Vietnam and UK teams has been uploaded on a regular basis in order for everyone to discover a bit more about our process.

About the project: Intro

Meet the Vietnam and UK team of artists and producers: Team

Final presentation of the project: Findings

Invitation to online sharing on 19 June 2021: Exquisite Noise


An insight into our research process:

Listen to the sounds collected: Sound collection

Visuals collected: Visuals

View the studio research by the Vietnam Team: Video collection – Vietnam

View the studio research by the UK Team: Video collection – UK

Insight into our: Exchange Sessions

Collection of: Sound Sculptures

Further sounds collected: Sound collection 2

Further studio research by Vietnam Team: Video collection – Vietnam 2

Further studio research by UK Team: Video collection – UK 2

Further Visuals collected: Visuals 2