Sound Barrier (Vietnam + UK): Video collection from Vietnam Team 2

Sound Barrier (Vietnam + UK): Video collection from Vietnam Team 2



Piece for 6 Performers

Duration: 55min
Premiered on 2 June 2017 at Rich Mix - London

"Pina Bausch meets Bill Viola, then along comes Dam Van Huynh. An intense, beautiful and profound work once seen never forgotten."
- Eighteen London

Choreography: Dam Van Huynh
Music: Martyna Poznańska
Lighting: Antony Hateley
Photography: Pari Naderi, Brendan Bell, Barry Lewis
Performed by: Paul Davies, Marc Krause, Marta Masiero, Ieva Navickaite, Tommaso Petrolo, Marley Seville

“The living need light and the dead need music” - Vietnamese proverb

Đẹp is the Vietnamese word for beautiful. With his latest dance work, the UK based choreographer Dam Van Huynh explores influences from his South East Asian heritage. In Vietnamese culture, death is also a form of rebirth. When a person dies, the family and community enact rituals that will enable the deceased to pass into another realm, a higher state of being.

The work sees a shift in Van Huynh's movement language as it delves ever deeper into the nature of the human condition. The dancers in ĐẸP are nude for a purpose. Fragile and vulnerable, their nudity literally strips them bare. Disrobed, free of distraction, their movement begins at the point where the mind transcends the physical self. Amplified and tracked by Martyna Poznanska's numinous score, the movement in ĐẸP invites the audience to let go, reaching ever closer to the feeling of being alive.

Supported using public funding by Arts Council England
With further support by Centre 151, Citymoves Dance Agency, Canterbury Christ Church University

Winner of the Asian Arts Award for Best Directing 2018

★★★★ The Observer
"We, and the dancers are forcefully confronted with our frailty, but also, ultimately, with our capacity for regeneration. Life goes on."

★★★★ Seeing Dance
"A powerful work with a terrible beauty all of its own."

★★★★ Broadway Baby
"A raw and visceral production that transcends the need for verbal communication, Dep looks behind closed doors and stands defiantly in its appreciation of  human fragility."

Feature in the Guardian
"throughout Dep, I am on the edge of my seat."

Upcoming Performances: ĐẸP

Previous dates:
2 & 3 June 2017 – Premiere, Rich Mix London
9 November 2017 – Homotopia Festival, Liverpool
25 & 26 November 2017 – Centro Cultural Los Talleres, Mexico City
7-9 December 2017 – Teatro Ocampo, Cuernavaca – Mexico
3 February 2018 – Canterbury Chirst Church University
3-18 August 2018 – ZOO Southside, Edinburgh Festival Fringe
24-25 Aug 2018 – 3:e Våningen, Gothenburg Dance & Theatre Festival - Sweden
11-12 October 2018 - The Lemon Tree, DanceLive Festival, Aberdeen - Scotland
28 February 2019 - Axis Arts Centre, Crewe
6 March 2019 - Lancaster Arts, Lancaster
13 March 2019 - Colchester Arts Centre, Colchester
14 March 2019 - Exeter Phoenix, Exeter
21 March 2019 - The Arts Centre, Edge Hill University, Ormskirk
3-4 May 2019 - Festival del Silenzio, Milan - Italy



Outdoor Piece for 5/6 Performers

Duration: 30min
Premiere 3-4 July 2021 at Hat Fair - Winchester

The most glamorous version of yourself


A collaboration between Etta Ermini Dance Theatre & Van Huynh Company

Direction: Etta Ermini, Dam Van Huynh
Dramaturgy: Etta Ermini
Choreography: Dam Van Huynh
Dance Captain: Tommaso Petrolo
Costumes and Set: Emma Lyth
Music Arrangement: Tommaso Petrolo
Performers: Hugh Cho, Paul Davies, Laura Kenyon, Tommaso Petrolo, Kennet Robertsen, Xanthe Wilson
Photography: Foteini Christophilopoulou

Glam is a 30min vibrant dance and circus cabaret, a humorous outdoor street performance celebrating fabulousness. Audience members are encouraged to join in the fun to dance with the cast in this gloriously fast paced show of acrobatics, hand to hand, disco, feathers, glitter and glamorous make-up!

This colourful performance highlights the power of bringing people together through dance, popular music and invites each of us to celebrate the most fabulous part of ourselves. Inspired by club culture and the journey of the LGBTQ+ community, Glam is accessible to all ages and backgrounds.

Supported using public funding by Arts Council England
With further support from Hat Fair and Centre 151


“In a surprise to no one, I loved Glam! It kicked out the joy we have all been missing.” Audience member

“I hope that you caught a glimpse of the sheer joy the show brought to our audiences – of all ages. It was definitely one of the hits of the festival.” Andrew Loretto, Hat Fair and Playmakers Director

Today’s Hat Fair highlight: Etta Ermini and Van Huynh Company’s wonderful Glam. Somewhere between dance, comedy, theatre, acrobatics, drag and tumbling. Absolutely wonderful.” Audience member

“Glam was out of this world!! Yes to all the queens out there. Thank you for being a powerful voice!” Audience member

Upcoming dates

Saturday 11 September 2021
Whirligig, Theatre Orchard - Weston-super-Mare

Further dates will be announced soon


Previous dates

Saturday 3 & Sunday 4 July 2021
Hat Fair - Winchester

Glam at Hat Fair

On Being Human as Praxis

On Being Human as Praxis

Piece for Vocalist, Dancers and Music Ensemble Duration: 60min Premiered on 16 October 2020 at Realschule, große Sporthalle – Donaueschingen, Germany

Under This Weight

Under This Weight

Piece for 18 Performers

Duration: 20min
Premiered on 18 November 2016 at HKAPA Lyric Theatre - Hong Kong

Choreography: Dam Van Huynh
Music: Martyna Poznańska
Lighting: Alice Kwong
Costume Designer: Stacy Ip Wing-kwan
Set Designer: Stephanie Lee
Performed by: HKAPA Ensemble

Under this weight is part of Dam Van Huynh's series of works in which he explores the many facets of the self: the physical form and the fragile self, stripped of inhibitions. This piece sees a shift in the artist’s choreographic language delving into universally shared themes on the human condition. Under this weight exposes human reactions when under pressure through expressionistic gestures and emotional form, be it a mental or physical pressure: endurance, resistance, surrender. The work displays a continuous shift between equal forces creating an intense and surreal atmosphere.

Commissioned by The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts



Piece for 1 vocalist, 1 puppeteer and 1 dancer

Duration: 10min
Premiered on 24 February 2017 at Institute of Contemporary Arts - London
Part of Various Stages Festival
Commissioned by Mahogany Opera

Director/Choreographer – Dam Van Huynh
Composer – Dai Fujikura
Puppeteer – Oliver James Hymans
Vocalist – Elaine Mitchener
Dancer – Tommaso Petrolo

Inspired by Vietnamese water puppetry, Mưa is a ‘movement opera’ turning an age-old practice into a modern form. Múa rối nước, literally ‘making puppets dance on water’, is a tradition dating back as far as the 11th century when it originated in the villages of the Red River Delta area of northern Vietnam.

Setting the space for Mưa is a miniaturised theatre filled with water. The characters appear under different identities as performers, puppets or apparitions.

The people who created water puppetry were farmers: when the rice fields would flood, the villagers would entertain each other using this form of play. Such tradition is deep rooted in Vietnamese popular culture evoking themes of countryside.

This is the backdrop of Mưa, looking at a world long gone from our 21st-century perspective. As the world changes and evolves, artists and scientists find new ways to understand it. Mưa endeavours to examine life experience through music, movement and a 1,000 year-old tradition originated in the deepest rural areas of Vietnam.

Đẹp (Solo)

Đẹp (Solo)

Piece for 1 Performer

Duration: 10min
Premiered on 6 November 2014 at St Georges’ Bloomsbury - London
First Prize at Zawirowania International Choreography Competition 2014

Choreography: Dam Van Huynh
Music: Martyna Poznańska
Photography: Dominik Kotowski
Performed by Ieva Navickaite

“The living need light and the dead need music” - Vietnamese proverb

Đẹp - Vietnamese word for “beautiful” - questions cultures and their relation with death. Infused with Vietnamese funeral chants, the work explores traditional ideas of rebirth. In Vietnam the family and community help the dead to pass into the other world. Đẹp depicts this emotional journey through stages of grief from initial resistance to final surrender. The purpose is not to bury the deceased, but to send them off on their journey to the immortal world.

Martyna Poznańska - Composer

Of Leonardo da Vinci

Of Leonardo da Vinci

Piece for 1 perfomer

Duration: 50min
Premiered on 15th September 2015 at Nasjonal jazzscene
Part of Ultima Contemporary Music Festival - Oslo, Norway

Vocalist: Elaine Mitchener
Music & libretto: David Toop - music & libretto
Film: Barry Lewis
Direction and choreography: Dam Van Huynh
Lighting: Antony Hateley

The idea for a semi-improvised opera was borne during Elaine Mitchener’s artist residency in Venice under the auspices of Fondazione Claudio Buziol and Muziektheater Transparant in 2010.

Of Leonardo da Vinci is the fruit of that residency, a collaboration between improv legend, sound artist and author David Toop, respected vocalist/improviser Elaine Mitchener, acclaimed photographer/film maker Barry Lewis, and making his operatic directorial debut, Dam Van Huynh.

Together they have created a contemporary opera that intricately melds music, sound art, image and movement to explore space, inviting audiences into a unique and intimate realm of disturbing beauty.

Commissioned by Ultima Festival.
Original concept supported by Fondazione Claudio Buziol– Venice, Muziektheater Transparant - Antwerp in collaboration with Teatro Fondamenta Nuove – Venice.

Elaine Mitchener - Vocalist

David Toop - Composer

Barry Lewis - Film

Previous dates:
4 September 2018 - Purcell Room, Southbank Centre – London
10 November 2017 - Sound Festival – Aberdeen
26 October 2016 - SPILL Festival of Performance – Ipswich
15 September 2015 - ULTIMA Festival – Oslo, Norway

The Nude Voice

The Nude Voice

Duration: 20min
Premiered on 21 June 2016 at Wellcome Collection - London

Choreographer Dam Van Huynh and Vocal artist Elaine Mitchener present The Nude Voice – a devised work in which they explore the dynamic and challenges of vocal movement art.

The Nude Voice forms part of current research through which the artists explore the many facets of nudity. The work probes the voice — this most individual and intimate of instruments — using time as a tool to mould and remove the notion of inhibition and choice in vocal production. The spontaneous voice will be experienced in a vulnerable and exposed state of sound, open and ‘naked’.

Deliberate movement serves as a counterpoint, revealing the body in a microscopic light, drawing the viewer’s attention to the smallest detail. Through slow perpetual motion and a seeming stillness, the movement is disrobed from distraction, gradually revealing its inner mechanisms and resonance.

Visitors encounter this ceremonial activity presented over the space of 20mins; a folding and unfolding, a reawakening of space, time and sound.



Piece for 9 perfomers

Duration: 60min
Premiered on Thursday 14 February 2013 at Teatro de la Danza - Centro Cultural del Bosque - Mexico City

Commissioned by CEPRODAC
Artistic Director: Raúl Parrao

Choreography: Dam Van Huynh
Rehearsal Director: Edgar Pol
Music: Jamie Hamilton
Lighting Design: Xóchitl González
Photography: CEPRODAC INBA/México, Dirección Raúl Parrao / La Marmota Azul
Performed by CEPRODAC Dalel Bacre, Juan Madero, Kenya Murillo, Yuridia Ortega, Edith Pérez, Ricardo Rodríguez, Irasema Sánchez, Arturo Serrano, Raúl Tamez

Groovething is a look on cultural heritage, what makes us unique and what unites us. Celebrating freedom of speech and expression for a better understanding of our roots. The ultimate discovery hides in the unravelling of one’s origins. Exploring the past to better understand the present.


Jamie Hamilton - Composer

La Marmota Azul - Photographer